How to adjust a double mind.

I feel confident in saying many of us know this scripture.

The valid question to ask ones self -do I think with a double-minded nature?

Never before have I personally been guilty of doing so – and so often my erratic instability has a lock on every aspect of my life. A wise friend kindly told me it is not a good look. So time to take accountability and adjust it.

Often times the instability is caused by pursuing one’s own agenda. This world has the jaded perception that we can be whatever we put our minds to. That thought process everywhere we look today has proven to be disastrously wrong. People can’t even decide what gender they will be each day – yet we think these individuals are level-headed and make sound choices. No chance.

My father always says does one eat an elephant?- the answer is one bite at a time, but I don’t know if people eat elephants? Regardless you get the point.


  • All one has to do is open the Bible, and there’s no debate no confusion it’s clear what is supposed to be diligently said.
    • You and I both know it is so easy to do that when life is going our way.
    • Remember this when you are facing unbearable situations, that’s when it truly matters. Surrender your thoughts and words to God’s Word and that’s when you will be confident in the direction you are taking.
    • NEVER FORGET you have the ability to do what you want, If you desire a life of victory, health, prosperity, and blessing it’s God’s plan He will order your steps.
      • I should be honest from experience if you want to expedite your journey through a trial or storm REMEMBER who got you through last time and draw near to your heavenly Father.
    • The direction God has you follow oftentimes seems unlogical. Uncomfortable, lengthy. I tell you this cause I have lived it when you refuse to accept other than what your Heavenly Father Desires for you things come together fast, favor becomes a regular occurrence because you faithfully stood on God’s Word.


How could I not remind others of the miracle-working power of Gratitude? One of my favorite church songs will always be ” Look What the Lord Has Done”.

When things seem insurmountable simply think back and recall all God has done for you, and show gratitude and praise. God desires to bless His Children, In Ephesians 3:16-20 The word says he desires for us far greater than we can hope dream or imagine; All you have to do in many regards is change your attitude.

Every single one of us has something to be grateful for and stand thankful for praising God in the meantime knowing HE ALWAYS COMES THROUGH. Stay grateful and don’t be shy to tell others what God has done for you.

don’t you forget about it:

David reminds us to not forget God and all His benefits. Throughout the Bible, we are given the code on how to win. The problem, too many, let go of their remembrances of where they once were or could be.

An even worse danger is thinking you on your own got you the victory, you’re lying to yourself.

Personally, things have been hard on me lately – yet one glimpse of the news and I immediately remember the countless times God has preserved my life. His goodness and mercy pursue us.

Today let me inspire you even greater to understand the importance of remembering God’s goodness and mercy. If this doesn’t put you in check God is saying he will…

I remember the first time I read this verse, I had to read it several times to be certain I was reading correctly. As I thought about it is clear this is a direct threat from God.

Forget me? Did God say this? It’s got a Wu-Tang -” protect your neck” feel to it. However, God means it though.

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