Any writing coach or content creation guru will tell you the ABOUT page of every website is there to answer that question.

  • 2009 became a blogger, the intentions for building the blog were merely to learn the basics of building websites and the science of social media.
    • The motivation to understand web development, media, and technology was not out of boredom or hobby.
      • A web presence was vital for my family and their efforts. After seeing what professionals were charging and releasing, I was determined to do it with excellence and insanely affordable.
  • In order to learn while being home with my first child and isolated from others with the skillset I desired, continual networking and asking questions proved to be the most effective way to get help from others with highly sought-after talent.
  • 2011 Aprilmae.net, A Cupful Of Grateful sees excellent success, growth, and reach. Personal contributions begin gaining national features, showcases, and covers of publications.
  • 2014 Grateful Brands was founded together with master web developer Johnny Chandler.